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Lorraine "Rainey" Dewey
I'd love to hear from you by email at raineydewey@1791.com 

Biography - Lorraine "Rainey" Dewey

On this page I'd like share a little about me, the art and why I paint...

I am blessed to have a creative spirit in a world where inspiration is all around me.  If only I could see, truly see.  The “truly seeing” is my challenge as an artist and an even greater challenge is manipulating that paint or pencil on canvas and paper to share what’s inside my mind. I paint, draw and create things because I must.  

There are times when watercolor and its spontaneous properties appeal to my mood and sensibility.    The most reliable watercolor paper I have found is Arches 140 lb. cold press paper.  I’ve often said if you must choose between good paper, paint or brushes – go with the good paper every time.   I am currently in the process of changing the pallette of colors I use so I have not yet discovered which paint will ultimately end up as my favorite.  When I tire of watercolor I turn to the pencil.  Most of my drawings are rendered on a smooth, Bristol paper using a variety of pencils.  Building and layering is how I create both watercolor and pencil work.  I believe that exploring multiple mediums is essential.  Moving back and forth between watercolor and pencil work provides a respite from each when needed. 

No matter the medium, creating art brings me a certain peace and a connection to my Creator.  I count myself lucky to have discovered my own creative voice.  Not by chance but by the doing of it all.  My creative spirit can be inconsistent at times with an ebb and flow that I have grown to accept.  When the world gets in the way there are times when I stop but I am comforted to know that I will never quit. 


Rainey Dewey