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Art and Head Games

"Milk Makers" (Watercolor, Image Size 5.5 Inches x 3.75 Inches)

Oh what a head game creating art can be.  Let me explain.  I was looking through some of my old paintings just now trying to come up with an inspiration about what to write here on this blog and that’s when it came to me. 


As I was looking back I began to feel that my old work seemed better somehow than the new work I’m producing these days.  Now, while that may or may not be true just the very thought has shaken my confidence and once that door of negative, critical thinking steps in it’s hard to move it to the exit door of my brain. 


In my head comes thoughts like … I’m nothing… you? an artist…ha … you wish!  On and on these defeatist thoughts swirl around until I think about tossing out my brushes and paint to become a couch potato, watching chick flicks and eating chocolates.  But then I get stern with myself and I look at the whole truth.


The whole truth is some of my old work was good and some was not so good.  Just like now.  Another truth is that sometimes I rush too much.  Other times I don’t do enough pre-planning – like preparing value sketches and color studies.  And honestly I do, indeed, paint the same subjects over and over again.  Snow scenes… lots of snow scenes.  Why?  Because I find the winter landscape quite beautiful and am inspired by the values, winter grays and the sheer magesty of the purple hills.  What’s wrong with that? 


Honestly, there is nothing wrong with all that but if I want to improve and grow in order to reap a good harvest I need  to do better, try harder and move outside of my comfort zone.  I’m determined that out of this latest artsy head game something good will come! 

And... yes this post does not include a winter scene!  Holy cow I can paint something besides winter scenes!

Note:  Click here for my New Blog Location - www.raineydewey.com - so you can be  directed to the rest of the ongoing story here at Rainey Dewey's Art Spot.   Of course, new art and other stuff for sale will still be found on this website.  Only the chatter has been relocated.  Join me won't you?

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