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Nearing Summers End...

Already, the summer is nearing its end with cool temps forcing me to start a little fire in the wood stove today... just to take the chill out of the house and warm up my nose.  I tried to wrap up in flannel, fleece, socks and long pants but nothing could warm up my nose like a nice fire in the wood stove. 


All summer I've been working on my studio/gallery (to be named "Rainey Dewey's Art Spot") with the hope that it would be ready this fall and now that fall is nearly here I realize that shortness of days and funds will prevent my "grand opening" until next spring (hopefully).  


A couple of years ago, as the "studio/gallery" idea began to percolate in my mind I didn't have any idea how I would get a door and window installed to replace the overhead garage door in my then garage.  At one point I even entertained the idea that I could do it myself (foolishness I know).  But then one day by chance I found a handyman - Gene - who was literally a God-send because in truth I do not believe things happen by chance.  


Since the first there has been a slowness to the progress from garage to studio.  When funds were available I would move forward and when not I would wait.  In my younger years the slowness of progress would have driven me absolutely crazy and I would have pushed ahead by getting in debt and sloppily slapping things together.  But now that I've gotten older I know - with great certainty - that things move on God's schedule not on mine and I am at peace with that most of the time.  As a matter of fact I am comforted in my belief that God's got this one.  No more am I willing to push things along... so I wait and do as I can afford to.


When I was a younger person I remember always being in a hurry.  I would hurry here and hurry there while never allowing myself to stop for a sniff the the roses or to pause and enjoy the cool late summer temps and a roaring fire.  I'm glad to be a new me (most of the time) and in reviewing the progress being made to my art studio I realize that God is transforming me at the same time.  From a once impatient and impulsive young woman to a now older woman who is comfortable in her own skin.  There's a certain freedom in knowing that one is a  renovation project who will always be "under construction."  There's freedom too in knowing that I have much to learn and I am okay with that.  For today I'm okay just being me and tomorrow I hope to be different and better me making one little change at a time over time.


P.S.  Kathy, thanks for motivating me to write.  It feels good.

Note:  Click here for my New Blog Location - www.raineydewey.com - so you can be  directed to the rest of the ongoing story here at Rainey Dewey's Art Spot.   Of course, new art and other stuff for sale will still be found on this website.  Only the chatter has been relocated.  Join me won't you?

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