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Quiet Morning

"Curious Angus" (I think it's an Angus anyway") Watercolor


It’s early for me to be up on a Sunday – 6:27 a.m. EST – but I could not sleep and so I pulled myself out of bed.  My cat – Luvy Dovey – already woke me from a deep sleep to let him outside.  Early morning is his time to prowl and hunt and his feline alarm is as reliable as the sunrise.  Each morn at 5:30 a.m. he’s on me, literally walking across by back, to wake me from my peaceful slumber.  I used to get irritated about it but now I know that it’s his time to be a cat in the great outdoors and Luvy doesn’t care about weekends; a day is a day to Luvy each one for eating, prowling, hunting, purring and insisting on a scratch and pet from me.  If Luvy was just a little taller and had thumbs, I have no doubt he’d let himself out.


This morning too I could not stop thinking about my art studio and the new heat source my brother installed just yesterday.  The pellet stove was left filled and running (on low) and I was more than curious how warm it was able to keep this space where I hope to teach, paint and celebrate human creativity. 


After brewing my morning coffee and throwing on yesterday’s outfit I headed to the studio in the dark, unlocked the door and was delighted to discover warmth.   On this rainy and damp morning the studio was warm (about 62 degrees) and dry.   Perfection!  Having a way to warm up the studio helps stretch the season out there where all my “stuff” resides and once the ceiling is insulated all kinds of heat will be available to me out there.    I can’t express how much I appreciate my “baby” brother helping me get one step closer to my art dream. 

Note:  Click here for my New Blog Location - www.raineydewey.com - so you can be  directed to the rest of the ongoing story here at Rainey Dewey's Art Spot.   Of course, new art and other stuff for sale will still be found on this website.  Only the chatter has been relocated.  Join me won't you?

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