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Lorraine "Rainey" Dewey
I'd love to hear from you by email at raineydewey@1791.com 

RaineyDewey New and Improved Art Blog

Yes things are changing.  If you are a return visitor to RaineyDewey.com you might notice that all the content from my original blog has been removed and that you have been rerouted here to RaineyDeweyArt.com.  It is with this website and new blog that I hope to refocus my attention to the creative journey with all the pitfalls and occasional successes that happen along the way. 

It is from this place I will share my own creative journey.  Creativity for me means many things – it can mean a garden well-tended or a painting well-rendered.  Either one can be equally satisfying.  For you it might mean something altogether different but the most important thing is to discover your gifts and then to use them somehow each and every day.

Here I will explore this journey where a full-time job and creativity do battle.  I will explore the ebb and flow of creative energy and try to come up with my own answers on how to move through the ebb in order to avoid paralyzing stagnation.  I will investigate and devise my own plan on how to create a life with a rhythm of my own that is rewarding and purposeful. 

Today, tomorrow and the next day I will set aside the rules because in art there are no rules.  Rules get in the way of the fun.  The purpose is to play, explore and enjoy the process and if somehow you end up with a “good one” all the better. 

Do stop back from time to time, leave a comment if you’re so inclined but most important of all find your creative voice and use it like your life depends on it!

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