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Struggling to Begin Again

"Rushing" Watercolor on Paper


Lots of time has passed since I wrote last here on my RaineyDeweyArt blog.  I suppose it is because life was happening and my attention has been divided many times over.  But now I’m feeling drawn to write again to share my love for and struggles with painting, drawing and creativity in general. 


As I think back I can remember only a few times when a painting or drawing that I considered really good came without a struggle.   I find that in the beginning of my creative process – particularly when I’m trying to get restarted - there is this struggle that begins and all my insecurities rise up almost as a roadblock.  That’s when I begin to remember all those not so good paintings and the negative thinking begins.


This negative thinking - my self-imposed roadblock - comes in the form of questioning my very ability to produce anything “really good,” again.  Then there come the comparing of my art offering to that of other talented and accomplished artists.  In those cases I always end up feeling so inadequate.  The negative thinking can go on and on but I won’t give negativity any more space here to undermine my latest restarting effort.


I’m beginning to realize that what I consider a “struggle” might also be interpreted to be “work” and nothing can come without work.  Perhaps it is unrealistic to expect a painting or drawing to take shape without pondering, planning, sketching, erasing, re-sketching and perhaps making several attempts at painting.  So maybe what I have considered hard, arduous and deflating – a struggle – is just part of the process – working through the problems.  I’d say it might be time to reboot my thinking for what good comes in life without work or effort or ….  struggle?

Note:  Click here for my New Blog Location - www.raineydewey.com - so you can be  directed to the rest of the ongoing story here at Rainey Dewey's Art Spot.   Of course, new art and other stuff for sale will still be found on this website.  Only the chatter has been relocated.  Join me won't you?

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