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Lorraine "Rainey" Dewey
I'd love to hear from you by email at raineydewey@1791.com 

Watercolor Painting... Go big or go home?

No, I do not believe it makes you a more legitimate artist because you paint large, abstract or with a purest attitude.  What I am discovering is that trying new things - for me right now that is painting larger works of art - inspires a sense of freedom and excitement that can be missing if you're in a rut.  Painting the same old thing in the same old way left me wanting.  I didn't realize what a jump start a little change can inspire.


I've been working steadily on this painting, which is tentatively named "Snow Cover Roads."  Most nights after work I have been painting and progress is being made bit by bit.  This renewed excitement came at first from painting those loosey-goosey floral paintings.  Some were successful and some became tinder for my wood fire but either way painting in a completely different way  set in motion the momentum I'm enjoying right now.  


Creativity for me has always been a ebb and flow experience.  Creating art for me at times is a head-game where negative thinking can derail any efforts to just paint.  But now I've got some new weapons in my arsenal to fight against those times when the ebb become powerful and begins to stop my progress.  


Paint, paint anything with great abandon and freedom.  That's what I need to remember when the ebb tide of my creativity begins to set in.  


Yes, painting anything with a forgiving spirit!

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