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Watercolor Painting in Large Format, Can it Work?

Painting large images has been a foreign concept to me for quite sometime.???? I???????ve been committed to painting small and miniature watercolor and oil paintings for many years now.???? Let me give you some perspective.????


A full sheet of watercolor paper is 32 inches by 40 inches and my typical painting size would range from 2 inches by 3 inches up to a maximum size of 10 inches x 14 inches.???? I???????d grown comfortable painting in a small format and in that comfort grew a fear of painting larger.????


To be honest I enjoy the intimacy of small work art and filling the space on a 2 inch by 3 inch piece of paper became no problem for me.???? I was comofortable there.???? Unfortunately, in the midst of my comfort fear began to take foothold and negative self-talk could be heard inside my head, ?????You can???????t do that????? ??????? ?????Paint small it???????s safer????? ??????? ?????Big brushes!???? Oh NO!????????? Over and over in my head this negative thinking took over until I???????d given up the idea of trying anything different.???? That is until I began painting with a couple of accomplished artists who routinely paint on half and full sheets of watercolor paper.???? Their painting with such freedom ultimately inspired me to try to paint larger.???? Why not????? The worst case scenario is a wasted piece of paper!


And so it is that I began the painting you see here, which is 15 inches x 22 inches ??????? a giant format for me ??????? and I can tell you in all honesty that I am having a blast.???? Luckily fear of failure is not in residence (at the moment) as I tackle this winter landscape because I???????m allowing myself the freedom to try, to learn, to practice and, most importantly, to have fun.???? In the end if I do not end of up with the result I envision then I???????ll give it another go!???? The main point here is to try and then try again to do something new.???? That???????s how we learn and then succeed.


Stop by later to see the finished product...

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