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Revised tentative date... September 2014
My studio space is nearly ready!  Even though the harsh and cold winter has slowed progress a bit I'm determined ... [ more ]

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Lorraine "Rainey" Dewey
Esperance, New York

I'd love to hear from you

or  (518) 875-6072

Stacked Rocks
Watercolor Paintings
"Stacked Rocks"
7 Inches x 4.5 Inches • Watercolor
"Stacked Rocks" is an original watercolor rendered on Arches 140 lb. Cold Press paper, Double Mat, Neutral Tone, Without Framing

The inspiration for all of my work comes from my world here in Upstate New York. I reside in one of the hill towns west of Albany and spend many hours traveling to and from work . One day I hope to dedicate my life to just painting but for now I paint when I can and what you see here is what keeps me painting. Nature in all it's finest glory.
Original: $225
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Pencil Demo - No Chance of Rain

Uploaded on Apr 29, 2010

Take a minute (or five or six) if you have it to check out a glimpse into my drawing process. When working a landscape without architecture - like the one you see here - there's a certain freedom and spontaneity that can be enjoyed without the worry of achieving a "likeness." Check out my blog when you get a minute for art talk and general chatter.

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Finally Friday
It’s finally Friday and time to celebrate two whole days to myself.  Oh how luxurious these two days to spend as I choose.  [ more ]