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Blank Note Cards - Frozen Pond
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Blank Note Cards - Frozen Pond
4 per package • From Original Watercolor

Four (4) Blank Note Cards, Size 5 1/2 inches x 4 inches with envelopes, horizontal and folded. The paper is 80 lb. with a matte finish. Your pen will glide across the writing surface for extra enjoyment.

These blank note cards are the perfect size for a short note just to say... "I'm thinking of you!" The image is titled "Frozen Pond," from my original watercolor painting and inspired by an Upstate New York farmhouse and barns. Those are subjects that always catch my eye... the land and particularly the winter landscape where the values are dramatic and grays are filled with color!

This package of note cards will come bound with a soft ribbon and then gently wrapped in tissue paper.

Please contact me for shipping outside the United States.
Original: $10